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Solex – DWHX

Solar heat transfer unit. The solar heat transfer station Solex DWHX is a preinstalled and leak-tested unit with integrated double wall heat exchanger for transferring heat from the collector to the storage tank. Completely insulated, with generously dimensioned double wall stainless steel plate heat exchanger, integrated preset and prewired controller assures a simple and quick installation as well as a safe commissioning. Downloads: icon Solex DWHX Technical Product Brief (247 Kb)ct Brief (247 Kb)

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Product Description Technical Specifications Product Description

Pre-assembled Steel Wall Bracket
  • Can be mounted easily onto the wall
Fully Assembled
  • With flat sealing union connections
Double Wall Design Heat Exchanger
  • With visible leak detection
Flow Meter
  • For displaying and setting the flow rate
Large Ball Valve Handles
  • Easy handling, visible closing position, with integrated full metal thermometer 0-160 °C / 32-320 °F, can be pulled off, with thermowell integrated inside the ball valve
Solar Circulation Pumps by Wilo
  • Three speed pre-assembled; aligned to the performance of the water heating system, pumps can be completely isolated — no draining necessary during pump service
Three-speed bronze pump
  • For secondary (DHW) loop
integrated Flushing and Filling Valves
  • Three drain valves permit filling and flushing the primary circuit as well as only the heat exchanger. On the se- condary side automatic airvent at the highest point of the heat exchanger.

Technical Specifications

Flow Rate 0.3 – 3.5 USgpm (1-13 L/min)
Integrated Controller Yes
Integrated Controller Description BS Plus
Integrated Heat Exchanger Yes
Pipe System Multi-Pipe System
Solar Panel Fields 1
Storage Tanks 1
Parallel Storage Tanks No
Fittings brass
Gaskets Klingersil / EPDM
Insulation EPP
Check Valves brass
Max. Pressure 6 bar / 87 psi
Max. Temperature 248 °F, temporarily 320 °F (120 °C, temporarily 160 °C)
Check Valves 7.87″ WC primary; 7.87″ WC secondary
Flowmeter Range 0.3 – 3.5 USgpm (1-13 l/min)
Pressure Relief Valve 6 bar / 87 psi, for thermal solar systems
Pressure Gauge 0-6 bar / 0-87 psi, resistant to high temperatures
Thermometer 0 – 160 °C / 32 – 320 °F, in the solar loop
Connections primary loop 3⁄4″ cutting-ring connection; secondary loop: 3⁄4″ male thread

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs

primary: Wilo Star-S21; secondary: Wilo Star-S21 BU, 30 plates heat exchanger +$116.58 (2), primary: Wilo Star-S21; secondary: Wilo Star-S21 BU, 16 plates heat exchanger (4), primary: Wilo Star-S30; secondary: Wilo Star-S21 BU, 30 plates heat exchanger +$406.88 (2)


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