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VBus® Monitoring & Accessories

All RESOL DeltaSol™ series Solar Thermal & Hydronic Controllers come equipped with VBus ports - log data and even monitor your systems online!

VBus.netRESOL's new service portal is an Internet service hosted and run by RESOL,allowing you to access your RESOL Datalogger DL3 and DL2 from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

  • • Visualisation also for many mobile devices
  • • System access via the Web browser
  • • Data progress charts as live data displays or diagrams
  • • Optional publication of system data with only one click
  • • Personalised filters for customised data displays

New! The RESOL VBus Touch:

The new RESOL app for the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch! View detailed temperature charts, generate yield balances and monitor the system status.

The basic version of the VBus®Touch app is available for free at the App Store.

RESOL ServiceCenter Software (RSC)

RESOL's ServiceCenter software enables PC-recording of the data measured by the controller, editing of the data files for further processing by standard spreadsheet programs and visualization of individual solar thermal systems including all measuring and balancing values.

VBus®-record: All measuring and balance values received by the VBus® are filed in a text file; this file can be processed by a standard spreadsheet program.

Designer: Position VBus® values on a customized background graphic to visualize solar system data in real-time.

Datalogger: Establishes a connection with a RESOL DataLogger at the push of a button, reads out the data, and if necessary, deletes data from the logger and converts data into a text file.

Parameterization: DeltaSol® Controllers AL, BS/2, BS/4, BS Plus, ES, E, M, BX, MX can be easily configured on a PC; values are checked on domains and possible overlaps are transferred by VBus® to the controller.

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    Heating Circuit Module HKM2

    The heating circuit module HKM2 as an accessory for the system controller DeltaSol E or DeltaSol M makes it possible to control additional heating circuit(s).

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  2. AM1 Alarm Module

    RESOL AM1 Alarm Module

    Alarm module for signaling system failures

    The Alarm module AM1 ensures that occurring failures can be immediately recognized and repaired, even if the system and the controller are difficult to access or located in a remote place. Thus, the reliability and the stable yield of the system are ensured.

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  3. RESOL Datalogger DL2

    RESOL DL2 Datalogger

    The additional DL2 Datalogger module enables the acquisition and storage of large amounts of data (such as measuring and balance values of the solar system) over a long period of time.

    The DL2 can be configured and readout with a standard internet browser via its integrated web interface. For transmission of the data stored in the internal memory of the DL2 to a PC, an SD memory card can be used.

    The DL2 is appropriate for all controllers with RESOL VBus®. The datalogger can be connected directly to a PC or router for remote inquiry and thus enables comfortable system monitoring for yield monitoring or for diagnostics of faults.

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  4. RESOL DL3 Datalogger

    RESOL DL3 Datalogger

    Be it solar thermal, heating or DHW heat exchange controllers – with the RESOL DL3, you can easily and conveniently log system data of up to 6 controllers. Get a comprehensive overview of all controllers connected with the large full graphic display.

    Transfer data with an SD memory card or use the LAn interface to view and process data on your PC. The DL3 Datalogger is breaking new ground in networking building management. Its BACnet functionality enables BACnet-conform data transmission and reception.

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  5. Remote Control RTA11-M

    RESOL Remote Control RTA11-M

    The remote control RTA11-M is designed for connection to the HKM2 and DeltaSol® E / M / MX and allows a comfortable adjustment of the controllers heating curve.

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  6. SD3 Smart Display

    RESOL SD3 Smart Display

    A Solar Thermal System display module for the living area with 3 displays for collector and tank temperature as well as for heat quantity.  Fahrenheit readout.

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  7. VBus to PWM / 0-10V Interface Adapter

    RESOL VBus® / 0-10 V Interface Adapter

    VBus® converter into 0-10 V- or PWM signal.

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  8. VBus to LAN Interface Adapter

    RESOL VBus® / LAN Interface Adapter

    Network connection set for RESOL controllers with VBus® .  Includes RESOL ServiceCenter Software.

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  9. VBus to USB Interface Adapter

    RESOL VBus® to USB Interface Adapter

    Connect your RESOL Controller to your PC via USB!  Includes RESOL ServiceCenter Software.

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